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Messianic Mime Flash Hell to Make You Crap Yourself

Posted by Martin Poulter on 29 April 2009

The designers who made the promotional Flash video for K&K Mime Ministries (“The Founders of Gospel Mime”) want to introduce epilepsy and terror in the audience. At first, the idea of having some guys over to do a mime about Jesus sounds harmless, but this site makes it sound and look like a visit from the taser-equipped henchmen of a sadistic, irascible Mafia boss when you are well behind on the payments and you impregnated his daugher on her seventeenth birthday. The New Testament in mime could be boring, but clearly these guys make it a terrifying traumatic experience whose memory you’ll want to repress for the rest of your life. Good marketing!

From Underscore mailing list via Gid.


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