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Dan Dennett on cuteness, sexiness and sweetness

Posted by Martin Poulter on 20 March 2009

In a few hours, philosopher Daniel Dennett will be giving a talk here in Bristol. As a taster, this recently released (and quite short) TED video combines his interests in consciousness and evolution. We might think that sweetness, for example, was “out there” in the world before our senses picked it up. Dennett argues that the experience of sweetness is itself something that has evolved to pick out something that was relevant to the survival of our ancestors. In other words, our internal conscious experience has been shaped by evolution in the same way that our bodies have.

2 Responses to “Dan Dennett on cuteness, sexiness and sweetness”

  1. Dennett’s Bristol talk was webcast and is archived here. It was up to his usual very high standard, ranging over psychology, evolution, economics, biology and computing as well as philosophy.

  2. […] by Martin Poulter on 26 March 2009 The Dennett post last week was quite popular, so here’s another similarly brainy video. I’m becoming quite a fan […]

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