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The Bristol Freeze

Posted by Martin Poulter on 5 March 2009

Last weekend a crowd gathered in Cabot Circus shopping area just to freeze: to hold absolutely still for five minutes and then disperse. KDnC’s own Simon H was there, taking a time-lapse video of the event that was featured in the Bristol Evening Post’s online write-up. Notice the guy on the trampoline: he holds in position and keeps bouncing: because of the phasing between the time-lapse and his bounces, he seems to be floating up and down really slowly.

One Response to “The Bristol Freeze”

  1. […] by Martin Poulter on 27 April 2009 Last Saturday there was a freeze in IKEA, following on from the previous one in Cabot Circus. KDnC’s Simon H was there and his timelapse videos have again been picked up by the Evening […]

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