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Circuit simulation: joy for hardcore geeks

Posted by Martin Poulter on 15 January 2009

Thank James W. for finding this amazing Java applet. Wire together capacitors and inductors, or memristors and op-amps, or Voltage Controlled Oscillators and triodes. Watch the electrons shuffle around the circuit. Attach scopes to see the potential and current at different points.

The amount of tinkering and learning you can do here is amazing. “I’ve built a 3-phase rectifier and been learning about zener diodes and transistors by building a shunt regulator (which stops you blowing up your batteries by overcharging)” writes James.

Now watch this post get loads of hits for containing the word “hardcore”.


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Animal Review

Posted by Tom Gidden on 14 January 2009

“This site reviews animal species objectively.”

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Ukelele Yarrchestra of the High Seas

Posted by Martin Poulter on 9 January 2009

Some KDnC members are visible in this performance at the pirate-themed Christmas party. First, the Beatles’ Eleanor Ribgy:

Then there’s Heartbreak Hotel, The Window Cleaner and Ukelele Lady. Thanks to Steve H for organising the Ukelele Yarrchestra. It was great fun to do and hopefully fun for the audience as well.

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Everyday Normal Crew

Posted by Martin Poulter on 9 January 2009

2008 Link of the Year shortlister John LaJoie posts another spoof rap video as his first song of 2009. Some major laughs, especially where he introduces his black friend. Arguably funnier than the earlier ones in the series, but YMMV. NSFW language warning!

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