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Beardyman: Gig of the year? Vid of the year?

Posted by Martin Poulter on 28 January 2009

No video to show of this as yet, but I wanted to write about it straight away. Tuesday night at the Cube, the talents behind last year’s awesome Monkey Jazz beatboxing video got together to film a series of videos for YouTube. It seems that more prepared stuff was done in the daytime, then the evening was spent improvising with an invitation-only audience.

When we arrived, Beardyman had already filmed seven hours of material. Despite that, he gave an incredible performance, making up song ideas by combining shouted audience suggestions. Beats, chords and lyrics all came to him on the spot, creating pounding (and often hilarious) tracks out of phrases such as “I made Wagon Wheels out of Play-Doh (and fed them to your children),” “I took Jesus’ balls in my mouth” and “Australian Fetus Detective”. We asked for, and got, “Kraftwerk play Country,” “Ambient Morrissey” and many more ideas that I forget.

Beardyman has a seemingly limitless array of voices, sounds and musical hooks. He can combine genres on the fly: the audience asked for “Hip-Hop Calypso” and “Indie Electro Emo”, and lo, these bastard styles were born from his mouth. He used the same modest set of electronic equipment as in Monkey Jazz, and did some sections of the gig in a more traditional way with just his voice and a microphone.

In short, a phenomenal musical talent was on display. As one YouTube commenter put it, Beardyman is to most other beatboxers what the first electric guitar was to all the acoustic guitars that came before it.

Mr Hopkinson now has ten hours of footage from each of six different cameras to edit, so we await the the results of the evening with patience… lots of patience. Keep an eye on Beardyman’s Youtube channel and of course mr_hopkinson’s.

Update: videos to come out of the recording:

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