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Signs that a band will suck

Posted by Martin Poulter on 1 July 2008

Damian draws my attention to Chicago-based discussion forum Electrical Audio, which has been discussing warning signs of really bad bands as well as sure signs a band will be awesome. In the first category:

  • “Bands playing in front of a large banner bearing their name and/or “logo” cannot possibly be good. This is science.”
  • “If the bass looks like an endangered hardwood dildo, you know straightaway that something awful is about to commence.”

Signs of awesomeness:

  • “Homemade gear of some kind; A bass with one pickup; Tape on the guitars; Fingerprints, sweatsalt, and/or blood on the guitars”
  • “If the singer has a broken arm or broken leg it’s always a good sign.”
  • “One of the band members being butt naked. I’ve never heard this happening and the show being bad.”

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One Response to “Signs that a band will suck”

  1. glittrgirl said

    We talked about if the lead or rhythm guitarist has a stack of plecs stuck to his/her mike stand then the band must suck. Watch the Kings of Leon set from Gaslto – they did not suck at all.

    The Verve have many of teh signs of being crap, but are actually pretty awesome live – see Glasto set for that too.

    Jamie Lidell sports many signs that he sucks live, and the only time I have seen him – he did.

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