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Archive for July 1st, 2008

Signs that a band will suck

Posted by Martin Poulter on 1 July 2008

Damian draws my attention to Chicago-based discussion forum Electrical Audio, which has been discussing warning signs of really bad bands as well as sure signs a band will be awesome. In the first category:

  • “Bands playing in front of a large banner bearing their name and/or “logo” cannot possibly be good. This is science.”
  • “If the bass looks like an endangered hardwood dildo, you know straightaway that something awful is about to commence.”

Signs of awesomeness:

  • “Homemade gear of some kind; A bass with one pickup; Tape on the guitars; Fingerprints, sweatsalt, and/or blood on the guitars”
  • “If the singer has a broken arm or broken leg it’s always a good sign.”
  • “One of the band members being butt naked. I’ve never heard this happening and the show being bad.”

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Make McCain interesting

Posted by Paul Ayres on 1 July 2008

Stephen Colbert recently issued another green screen challenge, this time to make John McCain more interesting, producing results that are freaky and funny.

There’s more available via this guy on LiveJournal with Elvis Presley, Star Wars and Samuel L. Jackson all morphing with McCain

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