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Big ol’ CULT sign

Posted by Martin Poulter on 20 June 2008

The story so far: the cult of Scientology complained to the police about Anonymous using the word “Cult” in chants and placards (previously on D’n’C). Police in some areas listened and treated it as a public order or “religious hate” issue. A More4 item last week went into more detail. Though they failed to ban it, it became clear they do not want that word on signs outside their buildings.

Operation Sea Arrrgh, the pirate-themed worldwide protest, took place last Saturday and I joined Anonymous to demo in Plymouth. One guy had masses of cardboard with him and this happened:
Martin and an Anon hold up a massive Cult sign immediately outside Plymouth Scientology Org
Photo credit: Shadow120
More pics from Operation Sea Arrrgh.

2 Responses to “Big ol’ CULT sign”

  1. Heya.

  2. Thanks for the link Anonireland – it’s a great compliment when someone uses my photos.

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