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Martin Poulter remixed by ChanologyASSIST

Posted by Martin Poulter on 3 June 2008

I can not freakin’ BELIEVE this! ChanologyASSIST, an Atlanta-based video prankster previously featured on D’n’C, brings video, typography and madness together in a tribute to…

All hail ChanologyASSIST, the new leader of the internet! Worship him as a god!


9 Responses to “Martin Poulter remixed by ChanologyASSIST”

  1. lnikj said

    Love the hairdo Dr P!!

  2. Paul Ayres said

    Lovin’ it, lovin’ it, lovin it ! All hail ChanologyASSIST indeed, this is absolutely great … if you want to see Dr.P in all his Wii playing glory, it is also on YouTube …

    … though I love the re-mix above even more!

  3. glittrgirl said

    OMG that Cruise style quiff is almost too much!!!!

  4. Cruise style???? Nooooo!

  5. chanassist said

    im so glad you enjoyed it, i had alot of fun making it!
    i only wish i had known about the live action wii footage!
    best regards

  6. Tom Gidden said


  7. Tom, that’s genius.

  8. chanassist said

    Thanks Tom!
    your shooping is saturated in win!

  9. danbri said

    This is fabulous! If only we had footage of that floppy fringe being shaved off… Humm, photos around somewhere at least… ChanologyASSIST++

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