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Stephen Fry lecture on broadcasting

Posted by Paul Ayres on 19 May 2008

Broadcaster, comedian and professional MartinPoulteralike Stephen Fry recently gave a lecture on public service broadcasting.

I always enjoy Mr. Fry and this 40 minute gallop through his experience of the BBC as viewer / listener, employee and now freelance producer is entertaining, thought provoking and never dull. While I am not a fan of everything the Beeb does, I suppose that on reflection I would rather pay my TV Tax via the license fee, than go down the US purely commercial road or the European model of state owned broadcasters. It’s a shame that the Beeb doesn’t fully embrace the 2.0 world and let us embed videos such as this … and while this is presented as a video, it is a lecture in the old fashioned sense so you can just hit play, get on with your day and listen to Mr. Fry’s mellifluous tones … for once I was glad that my rampant insomnia had me up at 1 in the morning flicking onto BBC Parliament.


One Response to “Stephen Fry lecture on broadcasting”

  1. iansealy said

    You can also listen to an MP3 and read the transcript. Like the BBC’s own audio, the MP3 has 20 minutes of Q&A at the end, so I’d recommend that format.

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