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From Reconnect to Battletoads

Posted by Martin Poulter on 4 May 2008

Taken from enturbulation.orgPelvidar has released the last of his trilogy of short films about the Anonymous protests against Scientology (previously featured on this blog). This one is called “Reconnect”, and like the other films combines scary background information about the cult with views from some of the protests around the world.

Although the film is the last in the series, the global protests themselves continue, the next being a protest against Scientology’s Fair Game policy on May 10th. Pre-publicity for the campaign has been imaginative to say the least (YouTube link). A recently released “trailer” for the demonstration (YouTube link) combines Battlestar Galactica, V for Vendetta and other sources with leaked footage from a Scientology rally: can you spot the difference?


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  1. […] Poulter on 11 May 2008 You can see it in the video below; one of several from the Plymouth arm of Operation FairGameStop/ Battletoad Earth. Thanks to the Plymanons for great companionship and to the passers-by who gave us great […]

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