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Day out in Birmingham with Anonymous

Posted by Martin Poulter on 16 April 2008

For those who are asking what Damian and I got up to in Birmingham last Saturday:

We joined the Birmingham protest which was part of Operation Reconnect: the third global protest organised by Anonymous, who turned out in force with wonderful costumes and delicious cake.

I was interviewed by the Birmingham Mail and on Monday published an article on Birmingham Indymedia about the protest.

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Make Art a YouTube Category

Posted by Paul Ayres on 15 April 2008

A bunch of creative artistic types on YouTube wanted a separate category for the wild, wild, world or art – so they all got together and made a fabulous video about it.

… now I don’t have an artistic bone in my body, but even I can appreciate the effort going on here – cracking!

You may want to sample the channel of CheekyChen the guy who co-ordinated all this and his involvement in a new site for artists called TailCast.

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Ever wanted to work in a supermarket?

Posted by Paul Smith on 14 April 2008

Probably not, but perhaps you want to help build up the online barcode repository to end them all? Check out:

Use your web-cam as a barcode scanner, or just type it in.

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Goldfrapp: Let it Take You (Forest of Bass remix)

Posted by Martin Poulter on 9 April 2008

This Doodz’n’Chyx exclusive is an essential listen for any fan of the glorious Goldfrapp, and a recommended listen for any music lover.

A DnC member using the moniker “CrashedInventors” has put online his own painstakingly constructed remix of “Let it Take You”. It’s on his MySpace profile, so you can listen online straight away, or download the MP3 if you’re a registered MySpace user.

The minimalist original, which uses little more than Alison’s gorgeous vocal and some piano chords, has been sped up quite a bit, and augmented with a repeating bassline and with layers of abstract percussion that ebb and flow over the course of the song, adding to (rather than overwhelming) the blissful feel of the piece. “Let it Take You” is good advice indeed.

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Fear your socks

Posted by misterchristophe on 9 April 2008

If you have spent the lonely nights wondering how many women between 15-64 have suffered sock-related accidents in the home then visit the Web site of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, which has the useful feature of allowing you to query the home and leisure accident statistics.

For example, did you know that in 2002 308 people suffered ear-plug related trauma in the home.
Fascinating, I say.

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Whitney music box

Posted by danbri on 8 April 2008

“The compositions at best are intended to point a way toward future developments in the arts. Above all, I want to demonstrate that electronic music and electronic color-in-action combine to make an inseparable whole that is much greater than its parts.”- John Whitney Sr.

Just stumbled across this Flash implementation, couched as a ‘whitney music box‘. I didn’t know Whitney‘s name or works before, but this is amazing stuff. Like graphics? Like music? Like plinky-plonkey sounds and swirly spirals? It’s win-win-win for you buddy!

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Food Hygiene in the UK: dare you look?

Posted by Martin Poulter on 7 April 2008

Scores on the Doors is a collection of food hygiene ratings from councils around the country, searchable so you can look up your favourite local restaurant or pub. Each gets a star rating from zero to five.

Tom H, who sent the link, was aghast to look up a north Bristol pub where he, I and other friends have eaten repeatedly over the years and see it get zero stars. Another favourite haunt just down the road gets five stars.

They even have the option to SMS the rating to your mobile phone, so while your food is being prepared, you can find out if the kitchen staff ever bother to wipe down the surfaces.

Edit: According to Wikinews, more than 70 businesses here in Bristol have got zero stars: a much worse statistic than some other areas.

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Rick Rollin’

Posted by Martin Poulter on 5 April 2008

Guardian Rick Roll; Digg Roll; Family Guy Rick Rolls its audience; London live RickRoll (the back of my head is visible at the end); BBC Northwest explains Rick Roll; Westboro Baptist Church (of “God Hates Fags” fame) gets RickRolled; The Times explains RickRoll.

Okay, the fact that mainstream media are reporting on it shows that in internet terms this prank’s already old. So for those of you who are already sick of Rick, here’s a clip of the Muppets:

RickRolling previously featured on Doodz’n’Chyx

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Anonymous versus Scientology: Onward

Posted by Martin Poulter on 5 April 2008

From Pelvidar, maker of the Road to February 10th video, comes “Onward”, a 17-minute video that explains some of the criminal history of the Church of Scientology, illustrates the unique legal status of Scientology in the US tax system, shows why ten thousand people around the world protested against it in March, and why thousands will protest again this coming weekend for “Operation Reconnect”. (Coverage of the March protests begins half-way through this video).

Like Pelvidar’s previous effort, this used source material from around the world, shared online (the Dublin photo was taken by yours truly). It’s an example of the decentralised global collaboration that makes the Anonymous protests so unstoppable.

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Sven Tamagotchi

Posted by Martin Poulter on 4 April 2008

We love home-made art here on D’n’C, and it’s always a joy to announce obscure art or music to the world. I’m not at liberty to say who’s behind electronica artist Sven Tamagotchi, but they are connected to the Doodz’n’Chyx community. Get your MP3s now!

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