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Archive for April 18th, 2008

If Martin did horse racing commentary …

Posted by Paul Ayres on 18 April 2008

Our good DrP is well known for his esteemed reputation as a sporting pundit and here’s what his take on the Sport of Kings might sound like!

… actually I do have some sympathy here, having grown up in Epsom, home of the Derby – I am no fan of horse racing, as let’s face it there would be no-one there if it wasn’t for the betting …

Of course, Mitchell and Webb have already got the football covered DrP stylee!

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My Life in Academic Journals

Posted by Martin Poulter on 18 April 2008

I must be a secret librarian at heart, because I was really tickled by this list of academic journals compiled by author Reto Schneider and revealed in the Mini-AIR newsletter:

  • The Birth Gazette
  • Gifted Child Quarterly
  • Journal of Child Psychotherapy
  • Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology News
  • Journal of Adolescence
  • Journal of Drug Education
  • Journal of Marriage and Family
  • Journal of Happiness Studies
  • Journal of Marital and Family Therapy
  • Headache Quarterly
  • Journal of Worry Research
  • Journal of Divorce & Remarriage
  • Healthy Weight Journal
  • Ageing International
  • Contemporary Gerontology
  • Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Archives of Suicide Research
  • Journal of Near-Death Studies
  • Death Studies

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Graphs are fun

Posted by misterchristophe on 18 April 2008

Do you despair at the fact that most charts and graphs tell you about things you didn’t want to know in the first place? Then you should pay a visit to graphjam where they tell you about interesting things, such as the chances the human race has of surviving a revolt from the animal kingdom, and the ratio of wobbling to falling of weebles.

It includes this surprisingly good musical piece constructed from Microsoft Windows sounds.

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