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Day out in Birmingham with Anonymous

Posted by Martin Poulter on 16 April 2008

For those who are asking what Damian and I got up to in Birmingham last Saturday:

We joined the Birmingham protest which was part of Operation Reconnect: the third global protest organised by Anonymous, who turned out in force with wonderful costumes and delicious cake.

I was interviewed by the Birmingham Mail and on Monday published an article on Birmingham Indymedia about the protest.

My photos are on Flickr, and here are some videos people have put on YouTube:

Damian is more your standing-still-with-a-really-good-sign-handing-out-leaflets kind of guy.

Photo credit: Anonymitts

One Response to “Day out in Birmingham with Anonymous”

  1. Update on the ex-scientologist interviewed whose mother had disconnected from him: as of August 2008, she has got back in touch, left the cult and come to England to reconnect with her son. Anonymous protests in Clearwater may well have had a role.

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