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Anonymous versus Scientology: Onward

Posted by Martin Poulter on 5 April 2008

From Pelvidar, maker of the Road to February 10th video, comes “Onward”, a 17-minute video that explains some of the criminal history of the Church of Scientology, illustrates the unique legal status of Scientology in the US tax system, shows why ten thousand people around the world protested against it in March, and why thousands will protest again this coming weekend for “Operation Reconnect”. (Coverage of the March protests begins half-way through this video).

Like Pelvidar’s previous effort, this used source material from around the world, shared online (the Dublin photo was taken by yours truly). It’s an example of the decentralised global collaboration that makes the Anonymous protests so unstoppable.

2 Responses to “Anonymous versus Scientology: Onward”

  1. anonymousireland said

    It’s rather great, alright. Cheers for taking that photo!

  2. […] the last of his trilogy of short films about the Anonymous protests against Scientology (previously featured on this blog). This one is called “Reconnect”, and like the other films combines scary […]

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