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Clinton and Cruise: together at last

Posted by Paul Ayres on 29 January 2008

A cracking piece of video editing that brings together some recent video highlights from Hillary Clinton and Tom Cruise …

… you get the feeling that they kinda deserve each other.


2 Responses to “Clinton and Cruise: together at last”

  1. There is a difference: when Clinton talks about making a better future for her country and the world, she’s talking about the reasonable possibility that she may become president and make executive decisions.
    When Tom Cruise talks about saving the world, he’s talking about using awesome powers that have been activated now that his mind has been freed from the contamination of alien souls that were attached to his body, and were confusing his mind with their implanted mental images, but which he is now free of thanks to hours and hours spent in repetitive conversations while holding two metal cans.

  2. Paul Ayres said

    Easy tiger – or I might go off for a quick Hillary blab – was just enjoying a nice bit of video editing !

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