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Animal Magic

Posted by misterchristophe on 28 January 2008

Johnny Morris proved beyond reasonable doubt that putting words into animals’ mouths was both big and clever. Now, a new generation steps up to the plate.


3 Responses to “Animal Magic”

  1. glittrgirl said

    I love you misterchristophe

  2. Paul Ayres said

    … and now it is possible for the discerning gourmet to have the aforementioned cheese burger in a can … no really

  3. I’ve been trying not to blog ICHC for the past year: it’s been the most popular blog on (out of hundreds of thousands), it has its own Facebook groups and app and is choking the ‘net like a virus. It comes after CatsThatLookLikeHitler, CatScan, StuffOnMyCat, CuteOverload and all those, so I thought the joke had been done to death. Then again, a stated purpose of this blog is to record internet fads for posterity, and the YouTube video I blogged before this was on the front page of YT for ages.

    Don’t forget IHasAHotDog (dog equivalent of ICHC), the LOLintator (transforms web pages into LOLspeak), LOLfeeds (RSS to LOLcat translator) and, for those wanting some explanation, I Can Has Research Paper?, LOLCAT explained on WikiPedia and in-depth analysis.

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