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Martin Poulter talks about Tom Cruise

Posted by Martin Poulter on 19 January 2008

Well, my brief appearance on Sky News this week (talking about Tom Cruise’s Scientology rant) has already made it to YouTube, thanks to the work of JAFAW and Arnie Lerma. To my amazement, it’s getting some good responses (“Dr. Martin Poulter truly rawks!!” “This one will cause CoS(UK) to go ballistic.” “PUNDITASTIC!”) as well as constructive criticism (yes, I do need to be more fluent and more assertive). More than 3,300 views in two days!

Meanwhile, the public relations disaster for Tom Cruise continues. Not only is the first video being parodied to Hell and back, but much more even scarier footage from the same event has been released. Slate magazine picks out some choice moments and explicitly compares it to Cold War propaganda. Gawker has some video excerpts: look at the final one where Cruise, wearing his new Freedom Medal of Valor, calls on the assembled Scientologists to “clean this place up”. “This place” refers to Planet Earth and along with war, crime and illness, they want it “clean” of any resistance to Scientology.


3 Responses to “Martin Poulter talks about Tom Cruise”

  1. Paul Ayres said

    Martin, I think you did fine – just a bit of talking over each other – I didn’t realize there was such a satellite delay between London and Bristol – or were you suffering from premature exclamations?

  2. glittrgirl said

    You did great considering the inane questions you were subjected to…… And some of those other TC clips are really scary!

  3. Lectio said

    Very lucid – she was obviously a bit scared when you started to talk about Tom Cruise specifically (amusing) I have to walk past them every day on Goodge Street which is pretty depressing. Keep up the good work!

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