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How much is your sex life worth?

Posted by Martin Poulter on 9 November 2007

Yes, it’s a link to a porn site: if you’re viewing from work, have a good excuse. Adult super-site posts a table of fees for its various on-screen acts. Think about what you would be prepared to have put where, by whom, how many times, and convert it to a cash figure. No mention of paid annual leave, Pay As You Earn tax arrangements, or Christmas bonus payments. Found via MetaFilter, where the discussion has some laugh-out-loud moments, including the suggestion of a Kink variation of Monopoly.

There are no pictures on the linked page, just straightforward descriptions of sexual practices.

I wasn’t intending to blog this, but someone urged me to (You Know Who You Are).


One Response to “How much is your sex life worth?”

  1. […] Posted by Martin Poulter on 3 October 2008 It was grimly inevitable, but still it makes me wince. This Craigslist advert calls for a “Sarah Palin lookalike ASAP for adult film.” “No anal required” it continues, which sounds like a bad business decision. Remember to factor in any resemblance to Palin when working out how much your sex life is worth (previously on KDnC). […]

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