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Bellatrix performs ‘Fever’

Posted by Martin Poulter on 6 July 2007

Bellatrix, the UK’s only female professional human beatboxer, has recently wowed Bristol audiences at the Venn Festival and will appear at Ashton Court. Some footage of her courtesy of Mr_Hopkinson’s archive of beatboxing-related videos. All the sounds you hear – the bass, drums and record scratches as well as the vocal – come from her mouth.

Another video here from the same convention.

2 Responses to “Bellatrix performs ‘Fever’”

  1. I know “Beatboxer” is the preferred term, and “human” is redundant coming after “female”, but to me “Beatboxer” suggests someone who uses a drum machine, not someone who makes all the sounds on their own.

  2. […] (mr_hopkinson’s beatboxing vids featured previously on D’n’C) […]

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