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Blair/Bush Reggae

Posted by Martin Poulter on 13 June 2007

We celebrate home-grown art here on DnC, so via a friend-of-a-friend (and great quantities of vodka) comes this original song and video namechecking world leaders past and present.

Useful if you’ve ever wanted to see Che Guevara in a balaclava and General Custer with a feather duster.


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Oh bother, oh bother

Posted by Paul Ayres on 10 June 2007

Martin Sheen is in fact Winnie the Pooh …

… who would have guessed it

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Instructional video: How to kiss someone passionately

Posted by glittrgirl on 4 June 2007

VideoJug: How To Kiss Someone Passionately

Via boingboing.

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Biblically inspired sex toys

Posted by glittrgirl on 1 June 2007

All from Divine Interventions – I LOVE that title…..

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