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Archive for June 29th, 2007

Ask MetaFilter about Human Relationships

Posted by Martin Poulter on 29 June 2007

Having mentioned AskMeFi yesterday, I should confess my addiction: the Human Relations section of the site is the greatest place on the Internet for discussing human joy and pain, a bit like GroupHug but with analysis. People submit questions about every aspect of life – dating, parenting, workplace relations – and get a spectrum of advice. There are  some arseholes, but the general spirit of MetaFilter (humanity; articulate expression; frequent overthinking)  shines through. Part 1 of my personal selection: getting out of a bad moodtalking dirty during sexloving yourselfcomplimenting a man on his looksminglingcoping with a girlfriend who doesn’t believe in atomssleeping on your back.

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Bong hits 4 Jesus, rewritten

Posted by glittrgirl on 29 June 2007

More with pics here.

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