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MOT Mechanic in Milton Keynes: Chilling free speech?

Posted by Martin Poulter on 20 June 2007

I don’t live in Milton Keynes, but if I did I probably wouldn’t take my car to MOTs R US, 35 Blundells Rd, Bradville, Milton Keynes, MK13 7HD.

That’s because of a review that was posted by user magicrebirth on (“Review Anything”). Rating MOTs R US 2 out of 5, magicrebirth advised insisting on a quote beforehand, expressing the opinion that the mechanics were “The most stereotypical garage you could find – the first time they all look friendly and generous, the second time they don’t even know you and try to f**k you over.” Magicrebirth went on to claim that “The old method is used: labor, lots of labor, and spare parts you wouldn’t imagine the existence of. Result= incredible bills.”

Now, I don’t know whether this one opinion of MOTs R US is typical of their customers’ experience. I do know that review is no longer available, after heard from the lawyers. Perhaps it deserves to be kept online for the benefit of anyone looking for an MOT in Milton Keynes.


5 Responses to “MOT Mechanic in Milton Keynes: Chilling free speech?”

  1. nickymmm said

    Funny enough I too am a customer of that garage but have been using them for many years. Have you tried to put a complaint to them? What was the initial problem?

  2. I didn’t write the review myself. I’m just concerned from a free-speech perspective: someone with that honest opinion about the business should be able to express it, just as people with positive experiences should be able to write freely about them.

  3. nickymmm said

    I too believe in the principles of democracy and this is what makes England great – HRA 98, a great piece of legislation. I was just surprised and a little curious; the mechanics there are quite reasonable.

  4. motsrus said

    The complaint appears to be unsubstantiated. In the first instance there is no indication as to the work/services carried out on the complainant’s vehicle nor is there an indication as to costs. Furthermore, we have no record of such a complaint. I would advise the complainant to contact us with details of his or her complaint.

    This article is also defamatory, as the title implies, or would have one infer, a meaning contrary to our philosophy. Please could it be removed immediately. Thank you.

  5. Thanks for exercising your right to reply. If you can get a professional legal opinion to the effect that it is defamatory, I promise I will take the article down. In the meantime, I’ve changed the title.

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