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Toast recipe

Posted by Martin Poulter on 31 May 2007

I’m not knocking Wikibooks Cookbook. Applying the open-content approach of WikiPedia to recipes, giving the people of the world free access to a global archive of food suggestions, has got to be a good idea. Knowledge is power, after all. As an often clueless batchelor I lack some pretty basic culinary knowledge that this book can fill in. However, when you see a recipe for toast, you have to wonder who the audience is.


One Response to “Toast recipe”

  1. Paul Ayres said

    I’m sure you can take on the Woody Allen approach and eat out every night – you deserve it! I recall a kids programme a while back where they were asked how to save the planet by reducing energy use – they said don’t eat toast, it’s cooking bread twice – wise words indeed!

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