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Love wife spanking in a Christian Marriage

Posted by glittrgirl on 29 May 2007

Yes that’s the correct subtitle, for the Christian Domestic Discipline Store…..

..your home for fiction, literature, and other items to enhance your traditional marriage! We are dedicated to providing everything you need for your Christian Domestic Discipline marriage and are in the process of researching and adding more products relating to a traditional Christian marriage to our store.

This includes such items as Heirloom Intimates, a range of cover all underwear and nightware with secret ‘entrances’……

3 Responses to “Love wife spanking in a Christian Marriage”

  1. Since you’ve blogged this we’ve been getting a lot more hits from search engines, both from people searching for “christian marriage” and for “spanking”. I predict this is going to become our most popular post ever. 🙂

  2. glittrgirl said

    Excellent! Well I aim to please…..

  3. Law of Attraction

    Law of Attraction

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