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Watch Panorama Tonight!

Posted by Martin Poulter on 14 May 2007

As has received much attention in the press, in tonight’s Panorama, veteran journalist John Sweeney reports on the Scientology cult. In an interview on the Heaven and Earth Show, the editor of Panorama gives some background, describing harassment and intimidation techniques that were used against the BBC film crew. Scientology has made its own documentary attacking the BBC (Independent on Sunday coverage), and I expect these bizarre tactics will be the focus of the programme tonight.

Scientology is currently deepening its campaign against the men in white coats (psychiatrists): blaming them for everything from the Virginia Tech shootings to the Holocaust.

Loads of Scientology-related video clips on the Xenu TV blog.

Update, Tuesday 15th: the programme is currently available to view on the Panorama web site


2 Responses to “Watch Panorama Tonight!”

  1. amijoe said

    Dear Auntie Poults –
    Sister-of-Gid Ami here (long time no drinkie etc…) From the 5-minute report I watched on the morning news about tonight’s Panorama, I’m not sure I’ll be able to watch the entire thing without throwing several bricks at the telly, and my household insurance won’t cover that. However, my teeth are getting a bit on the long side and could do with a good grind. Any advice?
    Ready-to-rumble of Portishead

    P.S. Sweeney having a hissy fit at the head scientology dude is a must see. Get your cheering pom-poms ready:

  2. amijoe said

    Oops, wrong link –


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