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Worst fight scene ever?

Posted by Paul Smith on 23 March 2007

This fight scene is so bad, even Jean Claude Van Damme is probably embarrassed by … the worst fight scene ever committed to film?

Rarrrr!!!! Rarrr!!!

4 Responses to “Worst fight scene ever?”

  1. Oh my god that was bad. A true classic.

  2. maxf said

    Feels like I’ve been missing out on the whole straight-to-vhs genre. “See ya!”

  3. I liked this. The pay off line was so memorably delivered (“ummm…yeah…see ya”) it reminded me of all the times I’ve thought of a killer line hours too late.

    I bet he was in the taxi home thinking of alternative, better ways to see off his (presumed) nemesis, the mighty mulleted Stingray:

    “I always said you had piercing blue eyes.”
    “We never saw eye to eye him”
    “He didn’t see that coming”

    C’mon people work with me.

  4. Paul Ayres said

    From the Simon Cowell neck high slacks to the Dead-Ringers-Fiona-Bruce impression woman wandering in half way through, a true classic – amazed it got as much as 3.6 out of 10 on IMDB

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