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Martin’s Art (1): Over You

Posted by Martin Poulter on 21 February 2007

Every day for the week leading up to my birthday I’m going to put online a new piece of art. The first is a piece of synth-pop that I wrote a few years ago. Yes, it is influenced by New Order. No, singing is not my strong point. Listen inline:

or download the MP3.

2 Responses to “Martin’s Art (1): Over You”

  1. Paul Ayres said

    Wow – a new piece of Dr. P goodness each and every day! And I thought you were supposed to get presents on your birthday – nice one, looking forward to the rest. New Order you say – time to compare and contrast methinks …

  2. Paul Smith said

    Who is this ‘New Order’ of which you speak? Pah! Cracking stuff, Dr P – very pleasant, delightful to listen to in my darkened room with a warm chai in my hand.

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