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Happy middle of February

Posted by Paul Ayres on 14 February 2007

Well it’s the joys of smug couples day, when you can’t get a table if you want to eat out and the world is full of red and pink cards. For those of us in need of a helping hand, video tutorial site VideoJug has a whole smorgasboard of handy videos, including How to Kiss Someone Passionately in case you’ve forgotten /need a giggle.

While Lifehacker has gone to all the trouble of doing a Valentine’s Day round-up of what is on the Internetowebosphere, which is nice of them … or you could just spend the day on

2 Responses to “Happy middle of February”

  1. PaulSm said

    Couples everywhere… kissing and hugging in public, being obvious in their shallow infatuation… you know it’s all going to be over within a coupla months. Ughhh… Just another Hallmark holiday.

  2. The videojug site is frustrating. The same material, done with real wit, irony or style, could be massively entertaining. As it is, it looks like careers advice (and the “preparing for a date” vid makes it seem like preparing for a particularly stressful job interview).

    Also, don’t watch the vid about the “First Date Smoothie”. It’s a smoothie with dates in it “to aid the digestion”, nothing to do with romance, unless stimulating both partners’ digestion is the goal of your romantic evening.

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