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Gillian McKeith: a quack and a fraud

Posted by Martin Poulter on 13 February 2007

Gillian McKeith (she’s not a doctor- thank you Advertising Standards Authority) makes millions from her TV series and her brand of “living food”, despite bogus scientific credentials and diet advice that can be refuted by anyone with a GCSE. She reminds me of Jade Goody: another ignorant, talentless individual who has become a multimillionaire celebrity thanks to Channel 4 and some credulous magazines. McKeith just knows to dress up her ignorance with fancy words.

Since criticism interrupts the flow of cash into her bank account, McKeith has taken to threatening legal action against a number of web sites that criticise her or show her in a less than favourable light (Go on, sue the Kewl Doodz’n’Chyx!). In the link above, columnist Ben Goldacre takes her to task.

Update: this topic has got a whole lot funnier since the in habitants of B3ta have created an image challenge about Gillian McKeith


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