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Archive for February 6th, 2007

Feeling sinful

Posted by Paul Ayres on 6 February 2007

Life just got a whole lot more sinful, thanks to a humble little graph spotted via Boing Boing – just get the existing 7 Deadly Sins to intersect and you get a whole new way of feeling bad about yourself – Gluttony plus Pride equals Fat Men in Speedos – you get the idea.

Part of a cool site called Indexed which features thought provoking doodles that may remind you of Demetri Martin or Dave Gorman at their best.

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Catch 33

Posted by Paul Ayres on 6 February 2007

Catch 33 is a silly little Flash game where you have to click on the floating numbers from 1 to 33 in sequence – my best time so far 54 seconds – sure the rest of you can beat that and leave a comment below

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