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Rumsfeld gets creative

Posted by Paul Smith on 5 February 2007

My brother told me about this at the weekend – a video in which Donald Rumsfeld gets up to all manner of handy tricks. Some are not so well filmed, but you get the idea and it’s still quite amusing. Not sure of where this first showed up, but Uncle YouTube comes to the rescue.

Oh, and if you were (like you do on an occasional Red Dwarf retro-session) wondering what had become of Craig Ferguson, all is revealed.

2 Responses to “Rumsfeld gets creative”

  1. Paul Ayres said

    Does that mean we have known tricks, that is tricks we know Don can do, unknown tricks, tricks we know Don can’t do, unknown known tricks we don’t know Don can do and unknown unknown tricks that is tricks we don’t know, Don can’t do … or something like that

  2. PaulSm said

    I’m afraid that’s a known unknown

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