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One-liner literary genius

Posted by Martin Poulter on 22 January 2007

If Amazon reviews can be an art form, then so can eBay feedback ratings. Andy46477 leaves messages like the below in the profiles of hundreds of confused and occasionally delighted sellers.

  • There was NO REASON for you to call my house and yell at my children. Still, A+
  • Remember when you spit in my mouth when I was sleeping? Well, I was awake. A+
  • The Lord only granted me one child, and she died. Anyway, you were great. A+A+
  • I like my cars like I like my women – fast and expensive! Then I leave them.
  • Sun goes up, pants go up. Sun goes down, pants go down.
  • Rainbows are pretty. I don’t know why I shoot at them.
  • REWARDING transaction! Sanitary, too — IS CUT!
  • Fast delivery. Precision machined parts. Clearly labeled chemicals. Discreet. A+
  • Very HIGH QUALITY preserved cancer tumors. I ate them. I know it was wrong.
  • Ever pull the legs off a daddylongleg? Then what do you call it? Daddy?

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