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The Return of the Deliverables

Posted by Martin Poulter on 4 January 2007

About nine months ago now, four musicians gathered for a day to improvise an album. We’d decide on a style of music and a scale, then just play whatever came into our heads. I’ve only just got round to doing the mixing and editing, so here are the first two tracks from the (as yet unnamed) second album of The Deliverables

These feature Ale Fernandez on tabla and acoustic guitar, Jim Cogan on bass, Paul Smith on electric guitar and myself on synthesiser. The first album, improvised in a similar way, was Live in Hawaii.

One Response to “The Return of the Deliverables”

  1. […] with a much more “rock” sound thanks to the drumming of newcomer Ben J. As with other music we’ve previously  featured, this was entirely improvised: we didn’t know when we […]

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