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Archive for January 3rd, 2007

Ag in Africa

Posted by Paul Smith on 3 January 2007

Just wanted to make more people aware of the blog Ag in Africa by a colleague currently on a year-long career break in South Africa. I look forward to reading her posts more than any other blog I read, and it’s made me completely change my outlook on a few things. It’s a brilliant mix of politics, humour, and some great photo’s, all told with a clarity, honesty and bluntness which you come to expect from our Sarah. Thoroughly recommended, and it makes for a sobering start to 2007.

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I just wanted to say…

Posted by glittrgirl on 3 January 2007

… no link today, but I wanted to say Happy New Year to my fellow authors here, very few of whom I have met, all of whom I admire. And anyone else who reads this blog… Happy New Year to you too!

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Star Wars given the silent treatment

Posted by Paul Ayres on 3 January 2007

We’ve all been given the silent treatment at one time or another, but seldom has it been so much fun …

… a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away

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