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Doodz ‘n’ Chyx Group Page –

Posted by Martin Poulter on 16 June 2006’n’Chyx

If you’ve got a profile, join this group. For those that don’t know, is a service that tracks what users are listening to (via a plugin to iTunes, Windows Media Player, or another MP3 player) and produces charts of most listened tracks or artists. It recommends other artists and other listeners depending on your choices. Its feeds are includable in other web sites by various means. Put a few of our contributors together in a group and we could create a seriously eclectic mix.

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Journal of Spurious Correlations

Posted by glittrgirl on 8 June 2006 exists to provide a legitimate venue for exploring pure and applied methodological questions in the social sciences in the company of colleagues without fear of professional embarrassment or reprisal. While a number of the present organizers are political scientists, such an initiative may be relevant to other social science disciplines as well, and to a range of methodological approaches beyond the �quantitative.�

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