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Some sweet soul music

Posted by Vince on 6 March 2006

Google Video of Tripod at Comedy Festival. Especially for all you ‘Xbox widows’.

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Real Life Simpsons Intro

Posted by Paul Ayres on 6 March 2006

Now you too can enjoy putting a baby over a barcode reader in real life! Wonder if any other cartoon intros will get redone with real life versions?

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Posted by danbri on 4 March 2006

But as I sit here, lost in an alcoholic haze, topless, unshaven, surfing the internet, I think to myself; I am a man. I create, and I destroy. Society should tremble before me. And yet it does not. There is something sick, something wrong with society.

The Topless Man, from via Hitherto‘s Not a Damn Blog, via Flickr

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Rock balancing by Dave Gorman

Posted by Paul Ayres on 2 March 2006

Looks like comedian Dave Gorman has discovered the joys of Flickr and he seems to have a good eye for a photo too. I particularly liked his photos of rock balancing, which are really quite bizarre and with his cunning eye for the unusual he has spotted some strange coincidences on the Flickr interesting photo page as well.

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