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Posted by Martin Poulter on 24 March 2006

This is a very distinctive “shared space”: a vast canvas (hundreds of times larger than a screen) onto which anyone on the internet can draw, with an MS Paint-style drawing tool. Each IP address gets a certain amount of ink per day. NB: click on “Disagree” rather than “Agree” and start painting by connecting the bottom two points of the pentagon puzzle to each other via all the other points. It’s a Flash interface, but very well worked out, with individual parts of the ball bookmarkable.

There have been many, many users from different countries, as shown by the many flags, and there is a history of internet groups ganging up to create or mutilate art. My favourite aspect is the Hall of Fame, where you can see the most artistic contributions as speeded-up movies, building up brush-stroke by brush-stroke. Found via MetaFilter.

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