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Where Movieoke began

Posted by Paul Ayres on 7 September 2005

Movieoke (like karaoke but with films) has even come to the attention of the BBC with a report from their Talking Movies prog available in various formats.


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Mr.Fastfinger’s Guitar Shred Show

Posted by Martin Poulter on 5 September 2005

Nik_J points me to arguably the best flash tutorial ever. Skip intro at the beginning using the link at the bottom right, then go to the lesson section. Each key from a-z and 0-9 will play a different sizzling guitar lick, and you can print out the tablature to learn it yourself.

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Random video from Google

Posted by Paul Ayres on 5 September 2005

Google is building up its catalogue of videos and you can grab a random selection of 20 from this page, keep on reloading and then discover you’ve wasted an hour or three !

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William Shatner’s sensational version of ‘Common People’

Posted by Paul Smith on 5 September 2005

This just has to be heard to be believed! Shatner and Joe Jackson collaborate for this classic.

If the NME link has gone, you should be able to get it from:

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