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Archive for February 8th, 2005


Posted by Paul Smith on 8 February 2005

After wondering ‘how easy would it be to do composite filming techniques on my home PC?’ I set to Googling. On my searches, I uncovered this brilliant Star Wars inspired lightsabre film… For an amateur production, it’s awe inspiring, and the site contains full details on how the film was made (if you trim the URL a little). Apparently it’s all done with animation, and just two props!!

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Mao and the New Games Journalism

Posted by Paul Ayres on 8 February 2005

Game Girl Advance posts about Maoist, Western Imperialist and Gonzo Journalistic reviews of computer games. So you get “some reviewer preaching to them about deconstructionalist post-feminism in the key of Metroid Prime” which is a long way from saying whether a game is any good at blowing things up.

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